Donati was founded and works within a community having a long industrial and professional tradition. It has always been involved in the production of high level products.

To safeguard this excellence Donati has decided to develop and maintain every stage of the work, research and production in-house: from the Research and Development Department to the Foundry Department, from the Polishing Section to the Testing Area.
Every individual component is planned, created and checked in Italy. This choice is not only to guarantee the quality of the final product but also to allow the client and designer to have a single reference point for the various aspects of the project and to be able to maintain control of all the developing stages.

Dopotutto mechanism
Fully customizable bottom cover and levers

As well as offering a wide range of bases, mechanisms, arms and seats which are already in the catalogue, Donati have all the industrial skills and technical resources to transform the ideas and requirements of a designer into a totally original project.
Furthermore to meet the various economic and commercial needs of clients this skill to create solutions to suit is shown through its high level of flexibility.
With Donati is possible:

  • Finalise projects from which original components can be integrated with others already produced by Donati
  • Develop projects for a single component or more components
  • Create complete original projects
donati-Development-Prototipazione 2
Stereolithographic 3D printer

Furthermore, Donati is able to develop clients’ projects ad hoc which meet their requirements to have a complete product and available immediately.