Donati is dedicated to manufacturing for the world’s best furniture brands.
We enable our industry clients to develop and distribute outstanding product in terms of innovation, quality and sustainability.

Donati combines a passion for manufacturing with sensitivity for design, inventiveness in engineering, and excellence in execution. Delivering high quality at competitive cost, we are specialised in making both complex technical parts as well as complete chairs.

As an industry leader our production is vertically integrated and our manufacturing sites are distributed over Europe, Asia and North America. This makes us an independent and reliable partner in global markets.

Donati believes in the power of collaboration. We provide a platform of creation and exchange between designers, furniture brands and the manufacturing industry. We team up with our clients in creating their unique designs while also having our own standard range of components available.

Donati keeps exploring the ergonomic, technological and aesthetic boundaries of seating furniture. As a forward-looking company, we continuously build our team’s skills and our company’s capacities while responsibly keeping a balance with our environment.