Day after day, Donati strives to guarantee the highest quality for its clients — the world’s finest furniture brands.

For us, the greatest reward is to see the objective acknowledgement of our dedication.
This took place in the summer of 2020 when we received the 0-100 Award from one of our main clients. Haworth carefully monitors the performance of its partners and gave us the highest possible score, noting the complete absence of imperfections in Donati’s components (“Zero PPM”), as well as perfect punctuality (“100% On-Time Delivery”).

Since 2012 Donati has been at the service of Haworth, a global leader in office furniture, with a partnership covering the European, US and Asian markets.

This award is a great achievement for all the men and women working at Donati and motivates us to do even better in helping our clients create products that are outstanding in terms of innovation, quality and sustainability.